Our Investment Structure

-Ash Creek is not an investment fund.
  • Rather, we structure each investment as a separate transaction.
  • Each takes the form of a Special Purpose Entity, or SPE.
  • Ash Creek is the controlling manager of all SPE’s in our portfolio.
  • Capital comes from Ash Creek and outside investors.

Our Involvement Criteria

Since we risk our own funds, we evaluate opportunities on the following criteria:

Proven Business Model. The company’s business model should generally have revenues in excess of $5 million, exhibit sustainable operating margins and the ability to generate early positive cash flow. We generally do not consider turnaround situations or early-stage and pre-revenue start-ups.

Market. We focus on niche or expanding markets.

Competitive Advantage. The company must have a sustainable competitive advantage.

Growth Challenges. The company is facing a short-term opportunity or problem.

Ownership and Management Team. The company leadership team must have relevant industry experience and have put themselves financially at risk.

Level of Investment. Investment size can range upwards from $500,000.

Type of Investment. Ash Creek is most often an equity investor, and will consider debt financing.

Duration and size. Ash Creek establishes SPEs with different sizes and durations.

Our Involvement Process

-Ash Creek is not an investment fund.

Opportunities, referrals and transactions come to Ash Creek from its principals, from its network of contacts, from large investors seeking diversification or niche opportunities, and from prospective clients seeking financing. Ash Creek does due diligence to assess the mutual benefits to the client and Ash Creek.

This due diligence phase allows for both sides to get to know one another and leads to a decision on whether or not to continue. This phase can also include paid business consulting services.  Each relationship and consulting engagement is, by necessity, different. The team will work with ownership and management to agree on and take whatever strategic and operational steps are necessary. Each team is led by an Ash Creek principal.

In the process of consulting, the Ash Creek team seeks to come to a consensus understanding with ownership and management on the purpose, nature and size of any financing.  During this phase, we determine the interest of Ash Creek’s own principals in funding the transaction. We then seek outside investment sources to fill the balance before completion.

Exit strategies will be specific to each situation.

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