Investment Management

We offer large institutional and individual investors the opportunity to invest in specific, individual portfolio companies through a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) set up for each transaction.

Each SPE is a separate special purpose limited liability company. Investment in an Ash Creek Special Purpose Entity provides the large investor with both diversi-fication and an attractive return through a vetted opportunity in a segment generally overlooked or ignored by most large investors.

There is no maximum investment. Ash Creek generally takes a position in SPEs it manages, typically representing a minority of the capital raised, putting its own capital at risk. Ash Creek Principals may also choose to invest in each SPE as individuals, in addition to any stake that the firm takes.

Ash Creek acts as the controlling manager for each SPE in our portfolio, providing direct oversight of each deal for our SPE investors. As the controlling manager, the firm is compensated for raising capital through additional equity and a management fee to be paid by the SPE.

Our Investments

Listed below are businesses in which Ash Creen members are currently involved:

7AC Technology LLC

7AC offers a new approach to air conditioning technology, developing extreme energy savings and the ability to maximize climate friendly refrigerants.


AllWork helps brands and retailers more efficiently staff their stores and respond to the challenges presented by the work preferences of Millennials. The company’s enterprise SaaS solution enables brands and retailers to source, schedule, monitor, train and evaluate their BA, freelance and in-store support, allowing them to maximize sales and reduce costs.


The first and only Unified Cyber Defense Platform with Intelligent Response Automation. It’s a Platform not just another tool. BluSapphire Enhanced Detection & Response (EDR) product is an elegant and ease to use platform to address the cyber defense stack – detection, analysis, response & remediation – a single tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to span the cyber defense stack in a single pane of glass.

Cyber Safety

CSI is a state-of-the-art, high growth, cyber security company with multiple products targeted to enterprises and consumers. CSI is NOT an anti-virus vendor – CSI’s key product, EndpointLockTM, provides PREVENTION from zero-day malware. The EndpointLock product is part of FirstData’s merchant package.


Gimbal permits advertisers, publishers and resellers to monetize their audiences on mobile with scale and accuracy.

JA Lee

JA Lee upgrades property infrastructure for wireless tele-data and improved person-to-person communications in commercial buildings, stadiums and convention centers. LLC

Klickly lets you buy what you want on any device including your mobile phone, when you see it. No navigating away from your content. No annoying shopping carts.

Kyrus Mobile LLC

Kyrus Mobile’s technology prevents distracted driving by employees using cell phones while driving to reduce risk and minimize company liability.


NanoVapor Inc. offers breakthrough nanotechnologies in the industrial management of vapors from gasoline, petrochemicals, oil and its derivatives. By working at the molecular level, NanoVapor’s systems are significantly safer, faster, healthier, greener, and more cost effective than conventional methods.

PERCH Interactive

Perch uses computer vision technology to bring retail customers the ability to physically interact with products in a way that drives 5-10x greater engagement. For the retailer, use of the perch technology drives greater sales lift of between 30 and 130%.


“The future is voice.” ping is patented, cross platform voice technology that allows users to hear all their messages and email read aloud, when touching their device is dangerous, illegal (driving) or simply inconvenient. Software-only telematics provides drivers, parents, fleets and auto insurers, extensive driving behavior, analysis and reporting.

Queralt Inc

Queralt powers intelligent real-time tracking, safety and security for Homeland Security, Agilent Technologies Matheson Tri-Gas and many more businesses.


SAFE is a Modern Healthcare Company leveraging technology and innovative marketing techniques to disrupt the spread of chronic infections and facilitate care for those afflicted. Their mission is to create healthcare systems that empower patients and enable providers.


Swaponz is a technology and consumer product company that is combining its patented Infinite Swap product platform with the power and excitement of Augmented Reality to inform and engage customers at the point of sale and during events. Their partnership with Dreamscape Immersive combines Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies to create a new form of mainstream location-based entertainment


The new standard in enterprise e-commerce for liquor brands. Thirstie builds the most powerful and flexible tools to enable internet commerce. Whether you’re a large or small brand, Thirstie’s meticulously-designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product experience for your customers. Many of the world’s most recognized brands are scaling faster and more efficiently by building their businesses on Thirstie.


Tsū is a social media platform whose users capture value by creating and sharing original content from all over the world. Our community includes celebrities, athletes, artists, and everyday people.


Zone Flow focuses on the development of reactor technologies to improve the efficiency of the production of hydrogen and syngas by the steam methane reforming (SMR) process. SMR is the dominant process worldwide for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives.

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